ARCH 1014: Introduction To Architecture: Lessons In Form & Culture
ARCH 1015-1016: Foundation Design Laboratory
First Year Undergraduate Studio
ARCH 1024: Innovative Design Thinking
ARCH 1034: Seeing Design: Transforming Observations
ARCH 1115-1116: Qualifying Design Laboratory
Summer Studio for Undergraduate Transfer Students
ARCH 2015-2016: Architecture II
Second Year Undergraduate Architecture Studio
ARCH 2034: The Art of Building
ARCH 2044: Building Materials
ARCH 2974: Independent Study
ARCH 2984: Special Study
ARCH 3015-3016: Architecture III
ARCH 3045-3046: Building Assemblies
ARCH 3054: Building Analysis
ARCH 3115-3116: Histories of Architecture
ARCH 3514: Design-Related Media
ARCH 3954: Studio-Study Abroad
ARCH 3974: Independent Study
ARCH 3984: Special Study
ARCH 4015-4016: Architecture IV
ARCH 4034: Building Cities
ARCH 4044: Professional Practice
ARCH 4055, 4056: Environment and Building Systems
ARCH 4075-4076: Building Structures
ARCH 4114: Ideas, Concepts, and Representations of Architecture
ARCH 4144: Advanced Building Structures I
ARCH 4154: Advanced Building Structures II
ARCH 4164: Computer Applications in Design
ARCH 4204: Urban Technology and Architecture
ARCH 4214: Topics in Architecture History and Theory
ARCH 4304: Topics in Design Methods
ARCH 4414: Advanced Environment Building Systems
ARCH 4514:Thesis Inquiry
ARCH 4515-4516: Architecture V
ARCH 4524: Thesis Documentation
ARCH 4654 (UAP 4654): Urbanization and Urbanism in Europe
ARCH 4705-4706: Qualifying Design Seminar
ARCH 4715-4716: Qualifying Design Laboratory
ARCH 4755, 4756: Building Environment Systems
ARCH 4775, 4776: Building Structures
ARCH 4904: Professional Studies
ARCH 4944: Consortium Studies in ARCH
ARCH 4964: Field Study
ARCH 4974: Independent Study
ARCH 4974H: Independent Study
ARCH 4984: Special Study
ARCH 4994: Undergraduate Research
ARCH 4994H: Undergraduate Research
ARCH 5015, 5016: Advanced Building Assembly
ARCH 5024: Human Environmental Factors I
ARCH 5034: Human Environmental Factors II
ARCH 5035, 5036: Advanced Environmental Controls
ARCH 5044 (BC 5044): International Construction Practices
ARCH 5044G: Professional Practice
ARCH 5045, 5046: Environmental Design Research
ARCH 5045: Environmental Design Research
ARCH 5055, 5056: Advanced Building Structures
ARCH 5064: Computer Applications in Design
ARCH 5115, 5116: Media and The Environment Workshop
ARCH 5124: Land Development for Constructed Facilities
ARCH 5125, 5126: Materials Process Workshop
ARCH 5134: Topics in Architecture History and Theory
ARCH 5515, 5516: Architecture and Systems Laboratory
ARCH 5565, 5566: Building Materials and Construction
ARCH 5614: Theory of Urban Form
ARCH 5624: Urban Design Seminar
ARCH 5634 (UAP 5634): Urban Design Studio
ARCH 5644: Comparative Urbanism Seminar
ARCH 5705, 5706: Architecture and Urbanism Seminar
ARCH 5715, 5716: Architecture and Urbanism Laboratory
ARCH 5755, 5756: Advanced Design Laboratory
ARCH 5755G, 5756G: Building Environmental Systems
ARCH 5775G, 5776G: Intermediate Building Structures
ARCH 5894: Final Examination
ARCH 5904: Project and Report
ARCH 5974: Independent Study
ARCH 5984: Special Study
ARCH 5994: Research & Thesis
ARCH 6005, 6006: Movements in Architecture & Western Thought
ARCH 6984: Special Study
ARCH 7994: Research & Dissertation
ESM 3704: Basic Principles of Structures
IDS 2015-2016: Industrial Design Laboratory II
IDS 2044: Human Factors
IDS 2065-2066: Design Visualization
IDS 2114: History and Theory of Industrial Design
IDS 2124: History and Theory of Industrial Design-Designers
IDS 2214: IDS Studio For Minors
IDS 2304: Computer Aided Industrial Design
IDS 2974: Independent Study
IDS 2984: Special Study
IDS 3015-3016: Industrial Design Laboratory III
IDS 3124: Materials and Processes
IDS 3204: Topics in Prof Development
IDS 3214: IDS Summer Studio
IDS 3224: Topics in Design Competencies
IDS 3234: Topics in Design Theory
IDS 3514: Design Research
IDS 3954: Study Abroad
IDS 4015-4016: Industrial Design Laboratory IV
IDS 4044: Professional Practice & Entrepreneurship
IDS 4094: Startup: Commercialization of Innovation
IDS 4974: Independent Study
IDS 4984: Special Study
IDS 4994: Undergraduate Research
Industrial Design Professional Internship Program
ITDS 1114: Design Appreciation
ITDS 1224: Introduction to Interior Design
ITDS 2044: Interior Design I
ITDS 2054: Interior Design II
ITDS 2134: Materials and Methods in Interior Design
ITDS 2224: Interior Design Graphic Communication
ITDS 2984: Special Study
ITDS 3044: Interior Design III
ITDS 3054: Interior Design IV
ITDS 3114: Sustainable Design and Biophilia
ITDS 3125: History in Interior Design
ITDS 3126: History in Interior Design
ITDS 3175: Building Systems I for Interior Design
ITDS 3176: Building Systems II for Interior Design
ITDS 3184: Construction Documents for Interior Design
ITDS 3954: Study Abroad - Interior Design
ITDS 4044: Interior Design V
ITDS 4054: Interior Design VI
ITDS 4114: Sustainable Design and LEED
ITDS 4224: Design Research for Interiors
ITDS 4554: Contemporary Issues in Interior Design
ITDS 4964: Field Study
ITDS 4974: Independent Study
ITDS 4984: Special Study
ITDS 4994: Undergraduate Research
LAR 1144: Introduction to Landscape Architecture
LAR 1254: Environment & Natural Systems
LAR 1264: Seeing, Understanding, Representing Landscape
LAR 2015, 2016: LAR Design Studio: Place & Process
LAR 2164: Landform Function & Aesthetics
LAR 2254: Social and Cultural Landscapes
LAR 2554: Nature and American Values
LAR 2984: Special Study
LAR 3015, 3016: Intermediate Landscape Design Studio
LAR 3044: Land Analysis and Site Planning
LAR 3154: Watershed Sensitive Design & Construction
LAR 3164: Materials Structures Details
LAR 3264: People, Community and Place
LAR 3524 (HORT 3524): History of Landscape Architecture
LAR 3954: Study Abroad
LAR 3984: Special Study
LAR 4014: Design and Construction Documentation
LAR 4034: Evolution of the American Landscape
LAR 4084: Landscape Design and Planning Studio
LAR 4094: Senior Project
LAR 4124 (ARCH 4044): Professional Practice
LAR 4234: Theory and Practice of Urban Design
LAR 4254: Theories of Landscape Architecture
LAR 4304: Topics in Landscape Architecture
LAR 4705, 4706: Landscape Design and Planning
LAR 4974: Independent Study
LAR 4984: Special Study
LAR 4994: Undergraduate Research
LAR 5005, 5006: Graduate Landscape Architecture Design Laboratory
LAR 5034G: Advanced Evolution of the American Landscape
LAR 5044: Land Analysis
LAR 5164: Tectonics of Landscape Architecture I
LAR 5234G: Advanced Theory and Practice of Urban Design
LAR 5254: Theories of Landscape Architecture
LAR 5264: Tectonics of Landscape Architecture II
LAR 5304G: Advanced Topics in Landscape Architecture
LAR 5314: Contemporary Research Topics in Landscape Architecture
LAR 5334: Landscape Architecture History
LAR 5344: Scholarship of Place
LAR 5354: Landscape Architecture Theories
LAR 5364: Tectonics of Landscape Architecture III
LAR 5704: Advanced Landscape Design and Planning Lab
LAR 5724: Applied Studies in Landscape Architecture Research
LAR 5754: Thesis Studio
LAR 5774: Advanced Graduate Design Lab
LAR 5964: Landscape Architecture Field Studies
LAR 5974: Independent Study
LAR 5984: Special Study
LAR 5984: Special Study
LAR 5994: Research and Thesis
Streets, Buildings, and Gardens: Japanese Culture in Constructed Artifacts
Winter Study Abroad: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Naoshima
WAAC Fall 2020 Courses
WAAC Past Course Descriptions