Monday Thesis Review – Thank You

The 2020 – 2021 5th Year Undergraduate Thesis at Virginia Tech has turned the difficult situation of remote teaching during the pandemic to new advantage by harnessing the flattened geography of Zoom to bring renowned guest reviewers to the School to join with students and faculty in reviewing and discussing the progress of thesis student. During the month of October 2020, over 100 reviewers–including both faculty and guests–joined together in parallel Zoom meetings to hear and discuss the presentations of the 5th year thesis class. Students from all years in the school joined the reviews to see the discussions. The 5th Year Thesis Coordinators Dr. Marcía Feuerstein and Dr. Joseph Bedford would like to thank the support of the Architecture faculty for serving as hosts, moderators and reviewers; the support of Undergraduate Chair Margarita McGrath for guiding the process; and the organizational support of graduate students: Bailey Gent, Cihan Yusufoglu and Ethan Curtis, for coordinating guests, faculty, and designing posters and communications.