How can I make the most out of Career Day 2021?

FAQ for students and companies

I am a company representative, why should I attend?

Over 1200 of the most creative and academically gifted students make up the School of Architecture + Design. Each of our four programs in Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, and Industrial Design have been ranked among the best in the country by Design Intelligence.

For those with staffing needs in 2021, our students, who are on their way to obtaining professionally accredited degrees will attend Career Day on the virtual platform with their resumes and portfolios, just as in our past in-person Career Day events.

For those who do not currently need new hires in 2021, our Career Day is still an important opportunity to meet and connect with students that you might want to hire in the future.

Once students begin to register, participating company representatives can review students’ resumes and profiles on Brazen before the event. If you find students’ resumes and portfolios include skills and experiences of interest to you and your company, you may arrange a scheduled chat.

Our Career Day and Design Expo is a key source of funding to ensure that we continue to feed the profession with top-quality graduates.

What can I expect from the Brazen platform?

While it is a virtual platform, Brazen closely resembles an in-person event.

When students register for the event, they should attach any desired files, such as their resume and portfolio. They may also include a link to their LinkedIn profile. Remember, the student profile is the first impression employers will have before Career Day. Resume, Elevator Pitch, Portfolio, and LinkedIn virtual workshops will be available to students before Career Day.

All participating companies should set up their booths before Career Day and add representatives.

When Career Day begins, students will be able to visit the booths, wait in line to chat, and connect with representatives via text or video/audio. Students will be able to see their place in line and may wait in line at multiple booths.

Students will automatically be connected when a representative is available and will not lose their place in line at other booths.

All chats will begin as a text chat. Only company representatives can switch the chat to a video/audio chat. If the student or representative requests to chat via the text option due to accommodation or other reasons, please respect this request. The students are not required to provide a reason.

Company representatives may request a scheduled chat with a student before the event. Students will receive the invitation for a scheduled chat directly in their email and accept or decline the invitation and choose the best time. The Brazen platform prevents students from overlapping scheduled chats.

Scheduled chats have a maximum time of 15 minutes. There will be a five-minute buffer between each scheduled chat. Booth chats have a maximum time of 10 minutes.

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How can students prepare for the event?

Before Career Day, you have the opportunity to attend multiple workshops focused on preparing resumes, LinkedIn profiles, portfolios, and elevator pitches.

Make an appointment at VT Career and Professional Development for additional help. You have the option to schedule a 15-minute mini-appointment or a longer 30-60 minute appointment with an advisor.

Representatives from VT Career and Professional Development will have a booth and be present throughout the day to help students with elevator pitches, prepping for interviews, and confidence. If you are feeling a bit nervous, enter their booth and talk with a CPD representative.

Reach out to your academic advisors, studio faculty, and professionals at the AIAS workshop for a review of your resume and portfolio.

AIAS Portfolio Review hosted by AIAS Virginia Tech

“Blueprint for Success” Workshop Series hosted by A+D and CPD

More resources for students:

How can employers prepare for the event?

Training resources and videos are available to help booth owners and representatives familiarize themselves with Brazen before Career Day.

Booth Owner Resources:

Representative Resources:

More resources for employers:

What employers will be there?

View the latest list of participating companies and visit their “career” or related webpages.

Do I need a resume and portfolio?

Yes! Please be prepared to highlight your skills and experiences to company representatives. If you have not created a resume or want to edit your resume, please attend our Resume Workshop on March 1st, 12-1 pm. For your portfolio, attend the AIAS Portfolio Review on March 2nd, 5:30 pm.

Will the companies be hiring?

Some companies have staffing needs and are seeking hires. Some companies are also participating to meet and connect with students. Each exchange is important, as some connections made this year can result in a hire/partnership in the future.

What is the deadline to sign up?

For all, please sign up by March 12th, 2021.

For company representatives, if you are registering for the Standard or Principal package, please email your preferred logo to by March 5th at 5 pm, or your logo may not be included on the webpage or Brazen homepage/lobby.

What are some of the resources for after career day?