WAAC Application for VT B.Arch Students

If you are a Virginia Tech B.Arch student and would like to spend one or more semesters at the WAAC, please complete the following application and submit it to Stephanie Woodson at rwsteph@vt.edu.

WAAC Undergrad Application

Once we’ve received your application, we’ll add you to our list of upcoming WAAC students. If you submit an application and then later decide not to attend the WAAC, you must notify Stephanie of your change of plans. It’s important that we know whether or not you’re coming, so we can keep our records and your tuition statement up-to-date!

Be aware that this application is only for *current VT B.Arch students*. If you are a current Blacksburg graduate student and would like to transfer to the WAAC, please contact your advisors for more information. If you would like to enroll at the WAAC as a new graduate student, you must apply through the VT Graduate School.