The School of Design at Virginia Tech offers two accredited professional landscape architecture degrees: the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture. The Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB) normally evaluates graduate and undergraduate landscape architecture programs every six years judging whether a program is in compliance with accreditation standards.

The next scheduled accreditation review is in Spring 2021.

Public Information

LAAB accredited programs are required to provide reliable information to the public on their performance, including student achievement as determined by the institution or Program. This information is intended to help potential students make informed application decisions.

Cost of Attendance per Year

Undergraduate tuition and fees – $13,749 (in-state), $32,893 (out-of-state)

Masters tuition and fees – $17,530 (in-state), $32,047 (out-of-state)

Architecture+Design fee – $750/semester

Estimated room and board (VT residential housing) – $12,000

Estimated books and supplies – $1,210

Estimated other expenses – $2,980

Estimated program field trips – $300

Estimated summer education abroad program:
Undergraduate : $11,600 (in-state), $14,200 (out-of-state)
Graduate: $12,700 (in-state), $15,200 (out-of-state)

Current detailed cost breakdowns for tuition and fees are available at

Student Demographics


BLA student enrollment – 62
50% female, 37.1% minority

MLA Enrollment – 38
72.7% female, 33.3% minority


BLA Student Enrollment – 60
58.3% female, 36.7% minority

MLA Enrollment – 23
78.3% female, 40.9% minority

Graduation and Retention Rates

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture:

2019 Graduates
50% graduated within 5 years
40% of students who enrolled in the landscape architecture studio sequence received their degree

2018 Graduates
50% graduated within 5 years
52% of students who enrolled in the landscape architecture studio sequence received their degree

First-Professional Master’s Degree:

2019 Graduates
33% graduated within 3 years
40% graduated within 4 years

2018 Graduates
35% graduated within 3 years
60% graduated within 4 years

Course schedules at the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center typically allow for students to work part-time which can result in a longer time to graduation.

Student Achievement